Would Britney Spears please help a grrrll out here!??

So I’m wondering how on earth I am suppose to get my blog out and noticed and I’m just not sure if I’m even out there yet, well I am out there that is for sure but not sure if I’m out there on the net yet.  So, I “reasoned” that if I said something about Ms. Spears that may pull up a few searches…..LEAVE BRITNEY SPEARS ALONE!!!!!!!!! Go ahead and laugh your ass off!!!!!!


Blog a bog or kiss a frog!

Ok, so this is my first time blogging.  I actually came across this new enlightment from researching ways to make money.  Not sure how sharing random thoughts can make money, but hopefully I can capture some funky souls on here by posting my neverending ramblings that go through my head constantly.  I “reason” that I can actually have an audience that will hear me instead of the normal wall(boyfriend) I normally talk to.  He makes a much better bed than a wall anyway!  I wish I could be like men sometimes!! It must be an enormous ability to be able to block out all the soundvibes that come your way.  They must possess some masculine invisible laser that no scientist has yet to discover that zaps those vibrations before it even hits the cochlear!  And understandably so!! Who the hell wants to hear a shrieking, high pitch audio coming at them all day long anyway?? Definitely not me! I’d be scratching some eyes out.  So…..I came up with the name of my blog LAUGH YOUR ASS OFF because I am currently living a life of stressfullness (WORD?) no, actually stress-f-ing-ullness.   At times of extreme sadness, stress, anger and all those negative feelings that feel SO damn good when you are using them toward the crazy person that made you feel that way in the first place to throw in their face and say hey! look what you did to me!!……when you are feeling any DOWN time emotions, then do what I do and laugh your ass off.  It is a technique anyone can master with just a little practice in which I challenge you to do even now.  It will be weird at first even a little awkward but the results will be gratifying! Come on, give it a try!  Start by laughing out loud, it will sound fake at first but keep going, laugh and laugh out loud, get louder,….I mean LOUD,  even obnoxious until you are consistently laughing, even fall to the floor and ROLL around with your laughter making it all the better, pound the floor in an exaggerated “you can’t take the humor anymore” if you have too… and soon(and I promise it will happen if you are consistent) you will be overcomed with an elated, uncontrollable LAUGHTER! Yes, wipe those tears of joy and laugh, laugh, laugh.  This is something you should actually do everyday, even in public once you’ve mastered this technique because it is contagious, and laughter keeps you young, strenghthens abs muscles, and can in fact make you laugh your ass off.  Go ahead, LAUGH YOUR ASS OFF!!!